Author Pages – Why Now?

There is one question that I have seen on various Facebook writers groups. “When should I create an Author’s Page?”

The importance of immediately creating an FB Author Page, author-oriented Twitter Account and even an Author Blog, among other social networks, cannot be understated. This networking isn’t about the book you are working on. It is about YOU, the author. It’s about your journey in your creative endeavor. About your interests that spur your storytelling. It’s about you writing into the wee hours of the morning, or getting up before sunrise to return to your writing with a cup of good coffee. It’s about recommendations you may have regarding writing. Or about an author you find impressive. It’s about the foundation you create for yourself upon which all your creative projects will be built. And that foundation involves your connection to your readers.

It takes a while to build this foundation. And a lot of time and effort. It can be hard to divide your attention between that and your writing. Writers are naturally used to being isolated for hours on end, immersed in their own universes as they weave their plots. But there is great value to connecting with fellow writers and readers. Readers respond well to a writer who is accessible. And other writers are an invaluable resource not only as a source of constructive criticism, but also as a source of challenges for you to apply your creative suggestions to. And finally, access to both readers and fellow writers are a source of motivation for us, especially on the days we feel undervalued.

It has been said that making an Author Page too soon can take away from the impact of your grand cover reveal. But the fact of the matter is, the day you make your Author Page, you MIGHT get a handful of views, no matter how much you herald it from the rooftops. The next day, PERHAPS another handful. It takes time to get enough views to make such an event as a cover reveal something that is notable. Which means you need to take the time to build up your viewers… ahead of time.

Also, what movie has their marketing withheld until the day it is released? Or even what commercially published books are not heralded months ahead of the publication date? You want to build anticipation and excitement for your latest story ahead of publishing so that on the day of your reveal, you will already have an interested audience.

So… make your Author Page today. Even if the most you can put on it today is, “Hi. I’m writing a book.” Because that is the seed you sow towards a wonderful future. Share your journey on it, your thoughts on writing and experiences during the writing and publishing effort. And that includes those of you who are pursuing the traditional publishing route. Potential agents will be very interested in seeing what interest you can generate in your stories. Having an existing platform will make things easier for you and your agent.

When you do create your Author Page, let me know. I’d love to see it and Like it.