About MikeV

I'm an eclectic homesteading geek with a creative streak. While I'm proficient on Mac and Microsoft, my development platform of preference is Linux. I currently create 3D images and animations using Blender 3D and use many of the creative tools available on Linux in my projects. I also have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and PageMaker. In the end, it's ultimately about the art. Additionally, I am also experienced in managing and developing for LAMP, have experience in Linux systems administration, networking and systems diagnostics, troubleshooting and building computer systems and networks.

Chapter 1: Crow – The Betrayal

Book 2 of the Crow series, Crow – The Betrayal. In Book 1 we left off with Steven discovering who he was. In Book 2, he has to come to grips with his new reality. Complications include the majority of a vast alien civilization hating and fearing him for being a deviant Gatekeeper, a secret organization on Terra that covets his abilities, a divided alien team on Terra pushing and pulling him in different directions, and an anomaly in his very nature that threatens to usurp everyone’s plans for him and threatens the Earth itself.

Here is Chapter 1. It has endured a several revisions and a thorough editing process, and will be treated to more editing as the book is refined until it is ready.… Read the rest...

Chapter 3 of The Gate – Conduit

Another entry from the First Draft archives. It’s been edited but will likely change a little through future revision and editing steps. The third chapter of my “The Gate” series, a story where an alien intelligence gathering and rescue mission goes dreadfully wrong and exposes a dark web of subterfuge woven by an insidious enemy. Here I expand the set a little, introduce yet more players into the story and introduce a little friction between the main characters.

Chapter 3

Bill looked at his security monitors one last time before laying back in bed. Not a blip. But then, there never has been a blip.… Read the rest...

Chapter 2 of The Gate – Conduit

I inserted a new chapter 2, moving the old chapter 2 into the chapter 3 slot. It fleshed out the MC a little better and gave more insight to the crisis the MC was suffering. Chapter 2 of tentatively named “The Gate” series, where a down and out CIA agent is tasked with an insultingly menial job which turned into something that had interstellar consequences. Rough edit at the moment.

Chapter 2

“You’re going back in too soon! The Conduit is getting feedback.”

Karan’za ignored the warning and lay down on the mat. She looked up at the living ceiling and took in a deep breath.… Read the rest...

Chapter 1 of The Gate – Conduit

Here it is, in all it’s first draft, freshly revised, and quickly edited glory. The first chapter of my “The Gate” series, a story where an alien intelligence gathering and rescue mission goes dreadfully wrong and exposes a dark web of subterfuge woven by an insidious enemy. This is where I take a lot of loose strings and begin weaving the tapestry of the story. Enjoy:

Chapter 1

She thought she’d be safe there in the alley. It was secluded and quiet that night. But not quiet enough. The cacophony of Terran life in the highrises around her was still deafening.… Read the rest...

Species: Keratian

My Vampire

In my universe, the source of Terra’s vampire legends are a species called Keratians. Their home is Toros, a large world that orbits a bright red dwarf. The gravity there is relatively intense. We would weigh five times greater were we to step onto Toros. That may not seem like much, but consider that on Uranus, you would weigh a little over eight times what you do now.

Keratians are humanoids and can easily be modified to appear human, provided they are not examined too closely. Their morphology is anything but, however. True to vampire lore, they do have a liquid diet.… Read the rest...