About MikeV

I’m an eclectic homesteading geek with a creative streak. While I’m proficient on Mac and Microsoft, my development platform of preference is Linux. I currently create 3D images and animations using Blender 3D and use many of the creative tools available on Linux in my projects. I also have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and PageMaker. In the end, it’s ultimately about the art. Additionally, I am also experienced in managing and developing for LAMP, have experience in Linux systems administration, networking and systems diagnostics, troubleshooting and building computer systems and networks.

Nokia 3310 Timelapse

I really like timelapses. I’m familiar enough with Blender to be able to riddle things out as I watch the person work and there’s always some little gem I pick up in there along the way. This one is a timelapse of the creation of a Nokia 3310 phone. I modeled my HTC not long ago – should probably do something with it and put it in my gallery.


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