About MikeV

I’m an eclectic homesteading geek with a creative streak. While I’m proficient on Mac and Microsoft, my development platform of preference is Linux. I currently create 3D images and animations using Blender 3D and use many of the creative tools available on Linux in my projects. I also have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and PageMaker. In the end, it’s ultimately about the art. Additionally, I am also experienced in managing and developing for LAMP, have experience in Linux systems administration, networking and systems diagnostics, troubleshooting and building computer systems and networks.

Vespa Velutina Timelapse

As a beekeeper, I’m supposed to really dislike this wasp. It’s one of several predators that can give colonies a hard time. But I can’t help but admit the beauty of this creature. This time-lapse pays homage to this deadly but lovely wasp as it is modeled, textured, rigged and rendered in Blender 2.66 and Cycles.

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Lantern Timelapse

Here’s another fantastic time-lapse, the creation of a lantern in Blender 3D. When modeling 3D in real time it’s easy to lose the rhythm of creativity as you focus on verts and faces. But seeing the creative process sped up is really neat. And seeing the work of others sped up very educational. I see things I would do, and I see things I may do differently but I often see things that are done in a way I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Kudos to those who take the time to create these time-lapses. The artist, who drew inspiration from Andrew Price’s Cycles Materials tutorial, has kindly made the resulting model available here too: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/textures/lantern-2/


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Anthropological Reconstruction

Time-lapse videos of artists creating 3D scenes and models are wonderful tools of expressing methods of modeling quickly. They’re not heavily commented usually but if done well are often easy to follow if one has the basic understanding of the tool in question. You’ll see things you recognize, and learn new techniques too. While longer tutorials are great for in-depth instruction, sometimes it’s nice to just go through a quick time-lapse of the methods themselves.

In this case, an actual digitized skull is being used to create a likeness of a person using Blender 3D. This used to be done with clay layered over actual skulls but this skull was digitally scanned in and the process is done in the computer instead.… Read the rest...