About MikeV

I’m an eclectic homesteading geek with a creative streak. While I’m proficient on Mac and Microsoft, my development platform of preference is Linux. I currently create 3D images and animations using Blender 3D and use many of the creative tools available on Linux in my projects. I also have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and PageMaker. In the end, it’s ultimately about the art. Additionally, I am also experienced in managing and developing for LAMP, have experience in Linux systems administration, networking and systems diagnostics, troubleshooting and building computer systems and networks.

Tears of Steel VFX Breakdown

Here’s a nifty video that breaks down some of the scenes of the spectacular short production¬†Tears of Steel. The video is inspiring and exposes some of the capabilities of Blender as well as illuminates some of the production pipeline used in Tears of Steel. Definitely worth watching a few times in 1080p to see some of the camera tracking tricks that the Mango team put to good use.


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