Why would anyone want to read what I write?

I’m a daydreamer from as far back as I can remember, and have been jotting down ideas, stories and whatnot since my teens. I was fortunate to have fallen in with a creative crowd which helped me develop myself as an artist and story-teller. We spent countless hours passing ideas back and forth, developing characters and plots, writing, play-acting scenes and even breaking out a state-of-the-art VHS camcorder and laying down some action scenes. We spent as many hours quietly drawing our characters and scenes as we developed our ideas about them.

That foundation has followed me over the decades to today.… Read the rest...

Author Pages – Why Now?

There is one question that I have seen on various Facebook writers groups. “When should I create an Author’s Page?”

The importance of immediately creating an FB Author Page, author-oriented Twitter Account and even an Author Blog, among other social networks, cannot be understated. This networking isn’t about the book you are working on. It is about YOU, the author. It’s about your journey in your creative endeavor. About your interests that spur your storytelling. It’s about you writing into the wee hours of the morning, or getting up before sunrise to return to your writing with a cup of good coffee.… Read the rest...