Snippet 02: The Cooperative ~ Destination

Here is an experimental snippet from the first book of The Cooperative series. Needs editing and will probably be radically changed once I start writing that series. James is tormented by constant visions related to an experience he had, an experience that took him briefly to the beginning of the Cooperative. He is determined to sort the visions out and has been obsessively trying to find a way back. The intrusion of the aliens to Earth exposed him to a Gatekeeper named Steven Crow that he had been seeing in his visions. This Gatekeeper appeared for all intents and purposes to be the one the Younger was talking about, the one who was not immersed in time; and the one who was key to getting him back to Aris, who was supposed to be his wife.… Read the rest...

Snippet 01: The Cooperative ~ Destination

Snippet 01: The Cooperative ~ Destination

The Cooperative is a series I am developing to explore the birth of the Cooperative, plus the early history of the Younger – all from the eyes of a very confused Terran named James. This particular snippet was actually written in response to an online writing competition, to which I am thankful for inspiring me to put my latent thoughts down onto… well… not paper. You know. The competition was to create a story around the image in this post with the presumption that the main character had been somehow pulled into the painting.

Intro Text for Book 1

“I’d buy it.”

James jumped and looked around at a grizzled, elderly, black, man.… Read the rest...