Oldie 01: Vanessa Wakes

I wrote this back in 1994 as a test for a story idea I was working on. I found it again back in 2012 and found inspiration from it as I embarked on my current writing projects. Here it is, in its largely unedited format:

A skull crunched under the gleaming boot, crumbling spontaneously into a cloud of black dust. Servos whined within the armored leg as balance was readjusted, and with just the slightest hesitation the trek was continued. The power source was tanta­lizingly close, a faint ebbing echo that hinted at life on a world over ten millennia dead.… Read the rest...

Snippet 02 from: Crow – Vindication

Here is a short snippet from Book 3: Crow – Vindication. There are those who desperately want to exclude Steven from the paradise that the Cooperative represents. There are ominous signs that hint at the destruction of the Cooperative either by Steven’s hands or vicariously through him. But there is growing support for him. Steven is the only deviant who is not a monster and there is intense curiosity about him. Orin, a Keratian gatekeeper and Guildmaster and the primary head of the Chaser guild that is responsible for hunting deviants, recognizes the danger of this curiosity and takes matters into his own hands to eliminate this threat.… Read the rest...

Snippet 01 from: Crow – Vindication

Here is a short snippet from Book 3: Crow – Vindication. Steven is seen as a terrifying monster by a vast alien community called the Cooperative. There is a rift forming between those worlds that are calling for his immediate termination, and the few that have allied with him. Within this environment, Steven must find a way to prove his benevolent intentions, and to clear his life-mate who had been banished because of her relationship with him.

Raising the Tree

An Ordan arrived with a gatekeeper to help remove the tree so repairs could be made to the other damaged tree houses.… Read the rest...

Snippet 02 from: Crow – Betrayal

Here is a little raw and unedited snippet from my second book in the Crow series: Crow – Betrayal. Here is a little glimpse of an encounter between Steven’s main antagonist – Laurence, and a Cooperative Chaser sent to give him tools that would enable him to complete his mission against Steven. Laurence is my favorite antagonist in this series.

Laurence meets Miryam

Suddenly Laurence froze. He sensed the slightest movement behind him. In an instant he had his pistol in his hand, swinging around to acquire a target. A petite hand grabbed the weapon before he could get it in position and effortlessly ripped it from his grasp.… Read the rest...

Snippet 01 from: Crow – Betrayal

Here is a short interaction between two characters in my second book: Crow – Betrayal. The Younger actually won’t make a serious debut until Crow – Vindication but this is a little introduction I hope will carry over to the third book and this dialog hints at some of the deeper challenges that Steven is facing. Have fun:

The Younger and Brian

“You shouldn’t be here,” Brian said.

The Younger spun around to face him, then winced at the brightness. Crying out, she fell to her face, covering her head with her arms and trembling as brilliant energy surged around her like a ferocious storm.… Read the rest...