Crow: The Deviant

Crow Series, Book 2

An epic urban-fantasy novel.

The Book…

Crow: The Deviant

Nothing in his life was the same anymore, and he was not taking it well. What he thought was true, was not. What he was sure was fantasy ended up being his actual reality. Everywhere he turned, what he had considered normal turned out to be an illusion. He wasn’t even human!

Steven Crow was desperate to regain some sense of ordinary. To find his parents and put his nightmare behind him. To please the love of his life and move forward in their relationship. To find peace again.

Try as he might, his best efforts were futility in the face of foes, and adversity was everywhere he turned. Even the enemy within himself. His wants were simple. But the threats coming against him threatened not just his desires, but the foundations of existence for everyone.

Genre: Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 965 Pages
Available Formats: EBook
Available from: Amazon

The Sample Chapters…

Chapter 1: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 1 “Asherah, I broke it. I broke the Earth.” Steven fumbled with something as Asherah approached him from behind. He looked over his shoulder at her, his expression full of fear. “Help me, please! I can’t keep it together.” Something fell to the floor as...

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Chapter 2: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 2 “Yeah, I caused the earthquake. But I didn’t do it on purpose!” Steven insisted, trying his best to convince the Elvin Gatekeeper that he wasn’t dangerous. The instant he said that he realized just how bad it sounded. He grimaced and looked down at his...

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Chapter 3: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 3 The stench from open sewage was almost overwhelming. Steven repressed a gag as he tried to ignore it. The abrupt change of scenery was jarring, and it didn’t help that it impressed itself as potently on his sense of smell as it did visually. The refugee camp...

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