Snippet 01: The Cooperative ~ Destination

Snippet 01: The Cooperative ~ Destination

Intro Text for Book 1

“I’d buy it.”

James jumped and looked around at a grizzled, elderly, black, man. “What?”

The man smiled kindly and nodded at the painting. “Spectacular, isn’t it? I think it would look nice on your wall.”

“Yeah. Well, yeah, it is.” James returned his attention to the painting. “Are you the artist?”

“No. But I know the artist.” The man nodded to the curator. “I’m sure he’d make you a fair deal.”

James looked around the man at the curator. He was busy with another customer, though. Sighing, he returned his attention to the painting. It wasn’t the most spectacular painting in the market, but something about it seemed to pull at him.

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Snippet 02: The Cooperative ~ Destination

James meets Steven

“I think I tracked down the integration issue,” James said as he typed furiously on the keyboard. He desperately hoped that Ashley was computer-ignorant enough to not comprehend what he was typing.

“Those are our records on Steven.” Ashley leaned over James’ shoulder.

“Do you mind?” James looked back at him, masking his fear with irritation.

Ashley shrugged and stood up.

“There’s corruption in the data files on that cluster. I’m working to verify the backup and restore the records,” James said, trying not to look Ashley in the eye.

“You should have RAID redundancy. Should be trivial to recreate the lost records.”

James looked around, startled.

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