Chapter 1: Crow ~ The Betrayal

Chapter 1

“Asherah, I broke it. I broke the Earth.” Steven fumbled with something as Asherah approached him from behind. He looked over his shoulder at her, his expression full of fear. “Help me, please! I can’t keep it together.”

Something fell to the floor as Asherah reached him. It wasn’t big, but the whole room seemed to shake when it landed.

“Steven, it’s a dream. This is a dream.” She put her hand on Steven’s shoulder and knelt down beside him. “You’re having a nightmare.”

“Pick that up.” Steven pointed. Asherah looked down and saw what looked like a chunk of a sphere.

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Chapter 2: Crow ~ The Betrayal

Chapter 2

“Yeah, I caused the earthquake. But I didn’t do it on purpose!” Steven insisted, trying his best to convince the Elvin Gatekeeper that he wasn’t dangerous. The instant he said that he realized just how bad it sounded. He grimaced and looked down at his hands. “I didn’t know. You’ve got to believe me.”

The interview wasn’t going very well. Accidentally causing earthquakes was frowned upon. He was still having trouble wrapping his head around the actual cause of the global tremor and how it was related to him. He was just a kid. A bit of an odd kid, but still just a teenager.

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Chapter 3: Crow ~ The Betrayal

Chapter 3

The stench from open sewage was almost overwhelming. Steven repressed a gag as he tried to ignore it. The abrupt change of scenery was jarring and it didn’t help that it impressed itself as potently on his sense of smell as it did visually. The refugee camp was a chaotic collection of tents and cardboard structures, erected hastily with little thought to the logistics of dealing with waste.

“I thought you couldn’t gate on Earth because of the Sadari,” Steven said, coughing a little. A faceless and immensely powerful enemy called the Sadari had corrupted the subspace fractures around Earth, depriving access to Gatekeepers.

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